Crystal cupcakes

These Rock candy crystal cupcakes make my heart flutter. What a beautiful wedding! 


Excerpt from Swooned Mag




Brilliantly imagined by Ivory & Beau, a bridal boutique-slash-event styling studio in Savannah, Georgia, the concept for today’s earthy shoot was sparked by a handmade gown from Brooklyn-based designer Rebecca Schoneveld, whose line is among the thoughtfully handpicked fashions carried by the multifaceted shop that can dress a bride for her wedding and plan it too.

“We knew as soon as we got the gown that we had to use it in a shoot,” said Adrienna McDermott, Ivory & Beau’s co-founder. “The touch of blue under the layer of tulle was so lovely. It occurred to us that raw gems and rocks really complemented the aura of the dress, so we based our shoot around these geologic beauties.” 

With its exposed brick walls, slab concrete floors, and constant hum of creative energy,Dollhouse Productions, a multi-purpose arts and events facility housed in a converted 1940s-era warehouse, provided the perfect space for the shoot. Stones were ingeniously incorporated into every element, from the desserts, sprinkled with rock candy to mimic the look and texture of minerals in their natural state, to the suspended centerpiece, a chandelier made up of dangling tea lights and wire-wrapped rocks; in its sophisticated whimsy, the creation could have easily passed as an art installation. The color palette reflected the variety of specimens used, including powdery-blue celestite, smoky quartz, rose quartz, and amethyst. It was all captured by photographer Mackensey Alexander, whose exquisite images have an intentionally faded tonality that matches the quiet mood of the gems.

Pale Pink Puberty, the effervescent work of Petra Collins

To capture girls in this way is to create magic, the illusive moment that is puberty is Petra's most unreal talent. Somehow for her, the lens is not connected to camera at all, it's more like the eye of another girl in the room added up with the pouty lips, fleshy body parts and pale pink colors her work makes you just scream out the word MILKSHAKE  with a serious junior High angsty tone. 


Bringing back the carb, WILDFOX Fall 2015 Preview

We had a wonderful time in NYC at our Wildfox Fall 15 preview! I shot a bunch of backstage and show images for you guys, it was so exciting! Here are some of my fashion illustrations for the season, and mood board inspiration! Hope it gets everyone excited, fall looks really amazing, I can't wait to fill my closet.

here is the Article I did for Racked LA:


Since Angelenos couldn't make it to Wildfox's exciting fall 2015 presentation in New York, designer (and cat lover) Kimberley Gordon is exclusively revealing her Italian-inspired range's mood board, right here. Take a virtual trip to the Amalfi Coast below, and get ready to shop the La Dolce Vita collection at Wildfox's fantastical flagship soon!



"The initial thing that made me want to go Italian was Slim Aarons photographs. He photographed fabulous people in beautiful places, doing luxurious things. I loved the idea of doing nothing all year long, and I couldn't think of a better place than Italy."

"I’ve always had this obsession with the 90s, and that includes the movie Stealing Beauty. It’s all about the summer of losing her innocence in Italy, very cliché and easy but so fun to watch, it makes you want to be there eating and drinking with someone painting your portrait in the vineyards."



"The Amalfi Coast looks like a dream come true, I imagine girls in the 1960’s racing around in convertibles with big hair being blown in the warm air."

"Elsa Martinelli was a huge Italian icon, I love how she's photographed so frequently on mopeds or scooters. It's like the quintessential Italian thing to do! I knew right away when I saw this photo of her we needed mopeds for our campaign."

"With her big, beautiful features, dark hair, pouty mouth, voluptuous body and sexy attitude, Claudia Cardinale was a key ingredient in my inspiration for the designs. Cardinale has been a UNESCO goodwill ambassador for the Defense of Women's Rights since March 2000. In February 2011 the Los Angeles Times Magazine named Cardinale among the 50 most beautiful women in film history, I think she is the ultimate role model for a young girl and I definitely wanted to pay some tribute to her with the "Kiss me Im Italian" Sweater.  "I never felt scandal and confession were necessary to be an actress. I've never revealed my self or even my body in films. Mystery is very important."

"Sophia Loren sets the stage for this collection, everything about her is just delicious. She is truly the face of the Female Italian film industry!"

"Creating a restaurant environment was very important to me, we paid homage to carbs this season, which have recently been getting the cold shoulder with all the gluten free fads. I couldn't think of a better time to bring pasta into our lives, and creating a setting for that with both the show and the campaign was extremely fun. This is the restaurant Im dying to visit... Hotel Caruso. Don't you just wanna die there? Wow!"

Speaking of WINE… Marissa hosted a wine tasting at our party, so so fun. Don't forget to vote for Marissa A Ross on the Sav blog awards!!!! We need them votes ladies, send em in. Click on the image to go quickly vote for her.